The Isle of May is one of the largest colonies of Grey Seals in the UK and from late September thousands arrive to pup though many are present around the island throughout the year. 
  An inquisitive female grey seal in Kirkhaven harbour (left) while a bull seal surveys his territory (right)                               (Jonathan Osborne)


Rabbits are abundant all over the island

The area around the Isle of May can hold large numbers of cetaceans at certain times in particular Minke Whales can be seen ferquently in late summer and autumn both from the island and on the crossing. Up to 20 Minke whales have been seen off the island in a single day in some cases close inshore.
Though rarely seen from the island Bottlenose Dolphins are seen often from the crossing just off the Fife coast in addition Harbour Porpoise are regular and white-beaked Dolphin also likely.
Butterflies & Moths
Just like migrant birds passing through the island migrant butterflies like the Painted Lady, Peacock and Red Admiral can be present in large numbers during migration, late summer and early autumn movements can number thousands on some days. Along with them moths such as Silver Y can also occur in large numbers.

Painted Lady                                                                Peacock                                                                      Red Admiral                                                      (Jonathan Osborne)