Isle of May Images

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Images (copyright on all images is retained by the photographer) - click on the pictures to view a larger version

Kittiwake  July (Joanne Burnett)                                      Pied Wagtail (juvenile) July (Joanne Burnett)                                                         Oystercatcher  July (Joanne Burnett) 

 Grasshopper Warbler 30 April     (Jonathan Osborne)        Pied Flycatcher    30 April           (Jonathan Osborne)       Redstart in Holyman's Road 2 May (Jonathan Osborne)
 Lesser Whitethroat    3 May          (Jonathan Osborne)     Blackcap     Top Garden   2 May     (Jonathan Osborne)       Willow Warbler         3 May              (Jonathan Osborne)

                Bridled' Guillemot - South Ness - May 2011         (Jonathan Osborne)           Oystercatcher - McLeod's Path - May 2011       (Jonathan Osborne)

Razorbill - South Ness - May 2011                      (Jonathan Osborne)                                             Black-legged Kittiwake - South Ness - May 2011    (Jonathan Osborne)                 

 Tree Sparrow 25 September 10 (Jonathan Osborne)        Red-breasted Flycatcher 21 September 10 (Jonathan Osborne)  Spotted Flycatcher (top garden 22 Sept 10) (Jonathan Osborne)
Scarlet Rosefinch  21 September 10   (Jonathan Osborne)  Whitethroat 22 September 10         (Jonathan Osborne)          Willow Warbler 22 September 10        (JonathanOsborne)  
  Yellow-browed Warbler 28 Sep 10           (Mark Newell)      Ortolan Bunting 22 September 10          ( Alan Lauder)                  Greenish Warbler                                 (Alex Ash)



Lapland Bunting  8th September 10 (Alex Ash)                                         Icterine Warbler 8th September 10     (Alex Ash)    Red-Backed Shrike, June 10  (Keith Brockie)
Guillemot with odd leucism of its bill  (Keith Brockie)               Honey Buzzard 2 July 10                         (Matt Bivins)     Velvet Scoter with female eider May 2010 (Keith Brockie) 
 Grasshopper Warbler 24 April 2010       (Keith Brockie)           Lesser Whitethroat 24 April 2010 (Keith Brockie)               Pied Flycatcher 29 April 2010  (Liz Mackley)